Come into the kitchen!

The purpose of this blog it to provide some guidance to those newly diagnosed with gluten allergies and to those who believe that they might be gluten sensitive.
It’s to provide some assistance, a partial roadmap along the twist and turns that result from having in your life path shaken upside down and dropped back onto you with the sometimes overwhelming task of living a new normal. Eventually this new path will be one that is comfortable, familiar and, yes, even wonderful.
We can walk this path together. I can help you to make it easier.

Eight years ago, we found ourselves on this road, with no guild posts only the directive that if we did not follow it, terrible health concerns would follow and permanently damage our family.
So, I applied my science background coupled with my home Baking and Cooking background and found a path through the woods so to speak.

I began by finding a few stand by recipes, and a few trusted products.

I identified the resources in my area and set about networking with them to make connections and to learn more.

I determined which of our home products were safe to use and to consume.

I developed a formulae for calling manufactures to determine the safety of products.

I learned how to de-glutenate our kitchen, and our home.

I standardized how to travel safely with fears of contamination minimized.

Each of the above topics and many more will be discussed in detail over the coming months. Each month I will focus on one topic and post articles and useful links related to it.

Welcome to my test kitchen. I am Pam.

This blog, this post and all future posts and accompanying information are copyrighted 2014 by Pam Fillin, Pam’s Test Kitchen all rights reserved